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Dear Warren,


There is a very detailed pdf document somewhere on the web, but it is in French unfortunately, but it has pictures etc. (just had a look not there any more)


The gear box is fairly low ratio first gear is very short, and 5th gear does about 3.5k revs at 80mph. I think the French perhaps designed it for pootling around the alps, rather than any work at speed.


The bhp of all Kangoo Trekka is capped at 80 – 85 bhp, I am guess they did this to guard against damage to the 4x4 drive train, as similar 2 wheel drive application of the same engine could yield up to 150 bhp.


I can see what you are trying to do but the 4x4 system on the Trekka is a “clunker” and I don’t think it would react well to have lots of power put through it.


From memory there are around three points at which the prop is secured to the under belly of the Trekka, and the diff is approx 20cm deep and 20cm wide and has various mounting points of its own. The rear wheels have independent suspension which allow for power to be delivered to the rear wheel through the centre of the hubs, I can’t see all of that fitting in with a torsion bar arrangement if in deed that is what is on your R5 maybe not.


The whole system is based on traction control, applying brakes to spinning wheels, to force power to other areas, this is not a system suited to lots of power, as it will result in massive amounts of break ware.


Perhaps a route to go may well be limited slip diffs on the front and forget about 4x4, it will be a lot of work.






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Have you got any specification of the 4x4 gearbox and drive train? I am considering fitting the system to my R5 GT Turbo but, want to research a much as I can before hand to see if it’s worth it. If you have any photos of the underside showing all the 4x4 system in place, that would be very useful.


Warren Spires