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Hi Kev,


I am amazed by the variety of noises that I used to hear from the underbelly of my Kangoo Trekka. From what I can deduce I would say one of two things.


1.       The new prop shaft is not aligned properly, although as it was manufactured professionally I would have thought this was a slim chance. It might go away as the new rubbers bed in.

2.       Perhaps one of the guards that covers the rear disks have become distorted and now catches the disk as it rotates. ( I have had this problem).


I am sorry but that is all I have, I actually removed the rear prop and diff from my Trekka, I get an extra 50 miles out of a tank full, tire wear is way down on all four wheels and you still get traction control on the front wheels, up to a point at least. Sounds like you need yours 4x4 though.






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Hi...like Paul, I stumbled upon your site whilst Googling for info. 

I’ve got an ’03  1.9dci Trekka with now 74k on the clock, which is great for what we want (loads of room with 3 kids, no carpets to worry about and live on top of a hill which is accessed by a single track double switch back lane!) 

All was fine until I recently I put it in for a service at a Renault dealer, keeping up the fsh, informing them that recently the battery died (almost over night), so please check out the charging system. Oh, and there’s a funny knocking / rattling noise coming from somewhere underneath which I haven’t investigated because I was getting it serviced anyway. On collection I was told that all’s been serviced and generally the car’s in good shape. We found a couple of things which need attention. The charging system’s fine but the belt is slipping as it’s been contaminated by a leaking intercooler. The knocking noise was pin pointed to an excessively warn mounting bracket on the prop.

 Wait for it...........£110 to change the belt, £600 to replace the intercooler and £900 to replace the prop!!! and to add insult, all plus 17.5%

 With some choice Anglo Saxon phrases, I left the lad on the front desk possibly in a greater state of shock than I was at the time....and I was in a state of some considerable shock....make no mistake!

The following day, having gathered my senses and taking a closer look for myself, (I’m no mechanic but not totally green)I decided to get stuck in. The oil splattered over the top of the engine and alternator directly below, was the result of ill fitted pipes. cleaned it all up, pushed pipes home fully and tightened up properly. all working fine, no leaks...intercooler not fractured...£600 in the bag! Tester across the battery to check charging for myself, returning about 13.5v.....no worries there! crawl underneath to find all the rubbers perished within the rings and the whole thing clanging around. Took a bit of advice from a local garage and decided to go with the complete replacement. Found one online, brand new, £250. arrived today, fitted within 30 mins.

Thinking all will now be sorted for well under £300, the  rattle hasn’t been eliminated and has infact, probably got worse if anything (although the knocking is sorted which must’ve been the prop). sorry to have prattled on a bit but that’s the story so far and now I stumped once again and burnt my bridges with the dealer! 

I’ve now got an odd noise which is probably best described as a card and a peg on the spokes of your pushbike when you’re a kid coming from somewhere underneath which I cannot accurately locate. Sounds like the rear n/s wheel when outside the car and someone else slowly drives it forward yet sound from both front o&n/s from inside when driving with both windows down! 

can anyone help or suggest where I might be best turning my attentions to?