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Adrian Moore adriancmoore@hotmail.com
29 Apr
to wt



As someone who’s posted in the past on the site with tyre info, regretfully the time has come to sell our very much loved Trekka dci.


Rather than list everything here, can I just give you the link to eBay?




HUGE history and will be very sorely missed – surely a fabulous bargain at £2600 Buy It Now?


Many thanks.

Southwest Environmental
30 Apr
to Adrian

What a beauty.


My trekka has also “gone on”.


Get something german.


Thanks for past input.




From: Adrian Moore [mailto:adriancmoore@hotmail.com]
Sent: 29 April 2012 19:17
To: wt@southwest-environmental.co.uk
Subject: Kangoo Trekka for sale

Adrian Moore adriancmoore@hotmail.com
30 Apr
to me
Hi Will, my Trekka sold today - as I said in the ad 1st to see will buy - and he did! I got my full asking price - I know I set it lower than others on eBay and less than it was really worth - particularly with the spares! But as another saying goes... A bird in the hand etc - the others are still for sale and I got £1000 more than I was offered in pt-ex. the new oI'm buying a Juke - about as different as you can get - I needed much better mpg for financial reasons and we've still got a Jimny for when the weather gets really bad! With the Juke's high-ish ground clearance, short overhangs it should be okay in the snow - once I get some proper winter tyres as well!
No car available can really replace the Trekka and so I've gone completely 'opposite'! 
German would have been good but couldn't afford it! Besides, Nissan is generally good and I can always say I've bought British as its made in blighty!
Many thanks again. 
Southwest Environmental
1 May (13 days ago)
to Adrian

Happy Motoring!


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