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Dear Tori,


I think if you were to buy a trekka you would be asking for trouble. They are no very well stuck together, and the parts are extremely extremely expensive. They are great in the snow though.


They stopped making them when the new shape Kangoos emerged 2009 (they don't do 4x4 in the new shape in the UK), but you don't see many around post 2006, so I guess 2006 was when they stopped making them.


After years of nagging from my wife I have eventually bought a german car, and they are good. Maybe look for a VW syncro (older cars / vans) or a 4 motion (newer models) as they have a 4x4 system similar to the kangoo trekkas, and are likely to last.


Also if you like French you might try a Peugeot partner / citreon berlingo with "grip control"




Don't buy a trekka, they perform well, but they are very unreliable.






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Hi there,


At the mo I have a Citroen nemo, but it is not quite big enough, not good enough in snow or up hills but love the back sliding doors, the environmental factors and due to this, think a trekka is for me, however, they seem to be scarce and not many after 2005, do you have any ideas where the best place to get the newest possible model is?


Many thanks in advance for your help,


Kind regards,



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