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Clips are pretty tough, I took the trim off no probs.






From: W.Thorpe

To: 'Paul'

Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 7:45 PM

Subject: RE: Re The Trekka!!



Hi Will,


Thanks for that. I am wondering if the dipstick is actually missing after the service they did before handing car over. You get to feel a prize chump when you just cannot find what should so obviously be there!!


Re the rear sliding door and your identical problem. My last removal of a trim panel on a my daughters Ford Ka resulted in all the little plastic clips flying to pieces necessitating getting a new kit of replacements before I could reassemble it. Fault there was frayed through door wiring causing remote locking problem and no sound from speaker.


Do you have any pointers as to how to remove the panel without causing damage, I have not looked yet but wil need to take it off. It has to be a break in the solenoid feed, somewhere.







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From: W.Thorpe

To: 'Paul'

Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 7:45 PM

Subject: RE: Re The Trekka!!


Hi Paul,


My dipstick is combined with the filler cap for the oil, is yours there. It may have been snapped off if it isn’t!


I have a 1.9dci version.


I also have a problem with a sticky lock on the sliding door, it works manually, but will not go up or down, with the central locking, I have removed the door panel on one occasion, and freed mechanism, but it happened again shortly after, perhaps just a renaultism.


Hope this helps




From: Paul [mailto:paulgfry@gmail.com]
Sent: 23 January 2010 18:47
To: wt@southwest-environmental.co.uk
Subject: Re The Trekka!!




Found your website whilst looking for helpful maintenance hints on Google. Sorry, I couldn't find your name, so I have no idea to whom I am writing this. I am presuming that you own a Trekka. I cannot understand why Haynes do not do


Briefly, we have been abroad in mainland Europe for 4 years and came back to Blighty in March 2009, partly because my father in law died and MIL was having probs coping. The last two years were spent renting a finca near Alicante in Spain. We bought a Renault Kangoo 1.5dci which we were thrilled with, and saw a few UK registered Trekka's whilst there, and liked the idea of combining the versatility of the Kangoo with 4WD (well, a compromise 4WD!)


Shortly after arriving back in the UK, we took up employment as wardens on Waterrow Touring Park near Wiveliscombe/Taunton. We saw a 2002 Trekka for sale in garage locally called Deane Vale Motors. (sorry - don't fall asleep!) Studied the current market - ebay, that is - compared forecourt prices/Parkers, and found it to be a fair price with 66,000 miles on the clock.


Not trusting their service to have included spark plugs, I bought iridiums which I have used for a couple of years on motorbike and other petrol cars, then was flummuxed as to how to change them when I took the plastic engine cover off. Anyway, noticed the bolts holding the elongated caps in , undid them, pulled off units and replaced all four plugs, dropping one of the bolts, as you do, into the bowels of the engine, onto the sump guard plate. Remove sump guard, retrieve bolt, etc, adding 3/4 hour to what should have been a 5 min job!!


Even more confusing (and THIS is why I am writing to you!) is that I simply wanted to check the oil level.  I know the dash display announces 'oil OK' but apart from being a glutton for punishment I just wanted to check the dipstick. Three men other than myself scoured the front of the engine, noting the position indicated in the owners handbook for the 1.6 16 valve engine and we could not find it. On the dci we had it rose out of the plastic engine cover, easy, and it had a yellow top. This one is supposed to have a yellow top, but its a mystery where it is. Can I ask where yours is, on your Trekka? Its bloody annoying, because I thought the idea was to make these things obviously accessible for day to day maintenance, I am beginning to feel like Victor Meldrew and 'just don't BELIEVE IT' !!


Finally, after checking the two ignition keys, we realised when we got home that one of the fobs did not 'click' to activate the remote locking. Took it apart, and like an efficient and conscientious owner, replaced the batteries and noted the date in the handbook. Then saw that the miniature switch had beome detached from its surface mounted solder points. Out came the large head mounted three times magnifier I used to use for transistor radio repair, the gas solder iron, and my wife in corner offering prayer, and we got that licked, too! It worked! Now, there is still one nagging fault left. All doors lock and unlock with remote except the n/s sliding door. I also notice that when I refuel (only with Shell Ferrari 98 octane V power unleaded which cleans the engine as well, you know!) the safety lock does not activate on the same sliding door. Have you heard of this problem before? I am guessing that when the fuel cap is removed, a sensor activates which locks the door to prevent a passenger from throwing it open and hitting the petrol pump nozzle. Any idea's? My next move was to try and painlessly remove the sliding door trim panel and check the wires had not come off of the lock servo.


Anyway, I'll shut up now. By the way, we love this Kangoo too, got the same interior airline lockers trim level that our 2003 dci had.


kind regards