kangoo cartoon

A scanned copy of the hand book would be useful. . if you have time that is!


Will post picture and link in due course.




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actually yeah, have looked at your other website pics and as I got a 4x4 partly for me to be able to get out and about in the snow when on call I guess its relevant.  I love the pic of the trekka being winched onto the scillonian 3! 
my wife wanted another car with sliding doors (used to have a berlingo) and I wanted a 4x4 for work and after the snow...  had a mitsubishi delica for a bit but horrendous fuel consumption and some major repair work made us get rid of it.  the trekka is about the only small 4x4 with sliding doors.  my dad is convinced that peugot made a 4x4 partner car (like the berlingo) but I think he's thinking of the tepee which is just a bit 4x4-styled.
anyway our website is Vets Bideford
there's some useful pet related stuff on there too. 
would be interesting to have some vehicle history on the site eg what years were they made? do they still make one?  any origional stuff etc
Mine has the handbook in it which is a supplement to the kangoo one, eg tyre pressures are different.  If anyone was interested I could scan it in and you could upload it??

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Thanks mate will stick on site soon


Does your business have website or google places page will link to that is you want.


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Attached is not very extreme trekka pic.  Thanks for doing the site my garage have used it for info on my trekka as they've never seen one before! 

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Sweet spuds good the more extreme tha better

Will Thorpe

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like the club just got a trekka.  will send some pics in


gareth cross