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Hi Will,


Last May I bought my Dec 2003 dci from my brother who had owned it since new – and I am watching out for clicks on full lock – alas there do seem to be some... but only sometimes!


Anyway – to tyres: my brother always fitted Michelin Synchrones (but not 4 at a time), but as I didn’t fancy paying £500 for 4, I researched various product tyre test websites e.g. ADAC and purchased 4x Uniroyal Rain Experts for my ‘summer’ use and 4x Vredestein Snowtrac 3 for winter use. I wanted winter tyres as I reckoned that here in the Yorkshire Wolds we would be inundated with snow – and we were!


I bought all 8 tyres from Tyremen.co.uk in Hull (fabulous postal service) & to say I am really pleased with how they have performed thus far (11000 miles since May on the Uniroyals & 4000 miles since late November on the Snowtracs) is an understatement. The Uniroyals live up to their name in torrential rain & as for the Snowtrac 3 in up to 12” of snow & sheet ice – WOW!


Tyres were approx £70 each and I would definitely buy again – wear rates are very promising as well.


Many thanks for the website – I look forward to seeing it grow!