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Hi Will


Usually in the driving seat unfortunately, so I don't have anything very exciting - see attached!

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From: W J Thorpe

Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 3:26 PM

To: 'David Sabin'

Subject: RE: Trekka info


Cheers Dave,


If you have any photos of your trekka doing some off road stuff that would be great.


If not no worries.


Thanks for the info. Hope you found the site useful.


Kind regards




From: David Sabin [mailto:david.sabin@archaeological-surveys.co.uk]
Sent: 01 October 2010 20:44
To: wt@southwest-environmental.co.uk
Subject: Trekka info




We purchased a Trekka 5 years ago for use as a survey vehicle and family car. The selling point was the mpg and lack of obvious 4x4 characteristics. It has proved so incredibly useful and robust I just cannot understand why there is no similar vehicle available on the market now. The vehicle is a 52 plate and we have put about 120K on it with no major problems. A typical day is about 100 mile road journey to/from site with 5 miles of off road driving, usually field tracks. Maintenance schedules have been stuck to religiously and really the only items requiring attention have been associated with normal ware. For a tall vehicle the road handling is very good and in ice and snow the vehicle has proved exceptional. The protective plating underneath combined with the high ground clearance has allowed us to access places that we wouldn't have considered in say something like a Freelander.


The only splutter we have ever had from the engine was a slight water ingress into the loom that runs around the nearside of the engine in a plastic channel. In very wet conditions water gets trapped in the channel which actually works a bit like a blocked gutter and then has plenty of time to find a route into part of the loom. The remedy was to remove the loom from the channel completely and tie wrap to one side with the addition of some extra pvc tape to ensure it was well bound - not a problem since.