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Hi Will, thanks for your swift reply. The torque coupling pdf is really interesting and it's helpful to know how it all works. It wasn't too bad deceiphering the French on the diagrams, thanks to an online dictionary!


I got in touch with my local Renault dealer this morning to find out how much a new coupling would be. I was told that they are not available seperately and that an entirely new differential unit would have to be fitted. I asked how much the diff would be and tried not to laugh too hard when I was quoted £2250..... 


I then tried the Nissan dealer, as the coupling is supposedly Nissan derived. The guy in the parts dept was very helpful, but couldn't think of any models which used a similar coupling system.


I think I might try taking the wretched thing apart at some point to see if I can get anywhere with it. If I get it sorted or find anything of interest, I'll let you know!


Thanks again,





From: Will Thorpe <swenviro@gmail.com>
To: Hugh Taylor <hfdtaylor@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Wed, 6 July, 2011 12:29:53
Subject: RE: Kangoo Trekka Torque Coupling

If you can not live with the nosie, I would suggest:


Removing the Drive Shaft


When a drive shaft costs £122, and wheel bearing around £80, and a front lower arm £145 I can only begin to imagine how expensive a hydraulic coupling will be, if I remember some said £1000 for a propshaft, so I would suggest a similar amount.


In fact you just reminded me to add this to the site:


4x4 System - Details PDF


Sorry it’s in French! But just looking at the pictures should tell you that repairs are pretty much out of the question.







From: Hugh Taylor [mailto:hfdtaylor@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 05 July 2011 20:43
To: wt@southwest-environmental.co.uk
Subject: Kangoo Trekka Torque Coupling


Hi, I was searching the net for technical info on the Trekka and was pleasantly surprised when I came across your website!


I have owned a 2004 1.9dci Trekka for around five months and, as much as I hate to admit it, I think it's awesome. I have never owned such an all-round practical, useful and capable vehicle. Yes, it's no looker and my mates take the micky on a regular basis, but it does everything I need it to do with ease.


Anyway, over the last couple of months it developed a metallic rattling/clicking noise which sounded to me like it was coming from the left hand side of the vehicle. Because it got louder as more steering lock was applied (and not knowing any better) I assumed it was the left front cv joint and I duely replaced the left front drive shaft. I was left a little deflated when I took the Trekka for a test drive and ...surprise, surprise..., the noise was still there. Being £122.50 out of pocket didn't exactly fill me with glee either.


Having read email 4 (Richards email), I can see that my Trekka's symptoms suggest that the hydraulic torque coupling is knackered. I would be grateful if anyone can help with the following questions...


1) Where exactly is the coupling? Looking at the system, I'm assuming that it's located in the front part of the rear differential housing.


2) Is it possible to buy replacement parts for the coupling, or do you have to buy a complete assembly, or even an exchange differential?


3) Are there any coupling repair procedures written down anywhere that I could use? I have a Russek Publications manual, but it doesn't even mention the coupling.


4) Has anyone had the coupling fixed at a Renault dealer? If so, how much did it cost? I'd rather have a bit of background knowledge before I start making enquiries at the local dealer...


Any information would be useful. Thanks in advance.




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