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Petrol Engine Info

On petrol engine variants with K4M engine, if you suffer from poor cold start/warm up and stalling: remove the motorised throttle body and clean the unit with carburettor cleaner. Be sure to remove all traces of carbon from the throttle disc and the venturi housing. Refit the housing and all should now be well.


If the engine cranks but fails to start it is usually the TDC sensor, there is a modified sensor and section of loom available.


Engine misfires: if your engine suddenly loses power and sounds like it is running on three cylinders, along with lighting up the MIL lamp. You have a defective ignition coil. Replace all four coils at the same time to avoid a repeat performance in a few weeks time.  The original coils had a manufacturing defect and some may still be out there.


there's a few tips from my own experiences of owning a 2002 Trekka 1.6 petrol.


courtesy of Richard


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