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You will need some 10/40 motor oil for the 1.9dci version any way, and a filter, go to your nearest Unipart (motor factor) or similar, way way cheaper than Halfords.

Changing the Oil can be messy so park your car where you don't mind making a mess. Then put a big sheet of card board down on the ground to stop oil going everywhere. You will need a big tray that will hold 6 litres of engine oil, alternatively you can make something, cut the side out of an old oil can or similar. Just make sure there is enough room in it for all of the oil.

To make life easier jack up the car a bit so you can get underneath, you will need a square section bar to get the plug out of the base of the sump, a trip to your nearest motor factor should provide you with one of these. If the engine is a little warm the oil will flow out a bit easier. Whip the plug out (you should wear some gloves, the combustion bi-products in used oil are carcinogenic) and watch the oil pour in to the tray. Renault Oil Plug

Whilst that finishes off you can tackle the filter, its down the front of the engine, and you will know what it looks like because you have just bought a replacement. wedge a rag or some tissue down below the filter to catch the dribbles as you unscrew it. You may need a filter removal tool to get the thing off, but most times you can get it off by hand. Put the new one on and then replace the plug in the sump.

The hole you fill the oil through is ridiculously small, so you will need a smallish funnel and some patience, put about 4 litres of oil in, then start the engine for 20 seconds, switch off, dip the oil and then add a bit more until the oil is half way between min and max on the stick. I put 4.5 litres in mine, and that's about right.

Don't forget you've got the oil check (the car needs to be level tho) on the dashboard when you start up that's what those little circles are on the odometer just after you start the engine.

Good Luck

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